2021 Vol. 6, №3


Literary Theory


Sergey N. Zenkin.
The Mask of the Muse. Visuality and Narrative in Richard Le Gallienne’s The Worshiper of the Image

10 - 39
Diana A. Molchanova.
On the Nature of Polytextual Complexes in Literature
40 - 55

World Literature

Elena A. Glukhovskaya.
Oscar Wilde’s Fairy-tale The Selfish Giant in Ellis’s Works: from Dramaturgy to Poetry
56 - 71
Konstantin V. Dushenko.
“A Quarter of an Hour before his Death, He Was Still Alive”: The Literary Character Image of La Palice and the Phenomenon of Nizy Style
72 - 95
Olga B. Bobrova.
Nikos Kazantzakis’ and Kostas Ouranis’ Travel Writings within the Context of Modern Greek Travelogues
96 - 115
Tamara V. Kudryavtseva.
Early Works of A.M. Gorky: Translations, Publications, Interpretations
116 - 133

Russian Literature

Olga A. Tufanova.
The Tale of Khan Tokhtamysh’ Invasion of Moscow: Paradoxes of Regret
134 - 147
Tatyana A. Kasatkina.
Paintings That Did Not Become Icons: Pictorial Art in Dostoevsky’s Novels The Insulted and The Injured and The Adolescent
148 - 165
Irina Z. Surat.
On Osip Mandelstam’s Poem “Impressionism”
166 - 183
Aida G. Razumovskaya.
Distinctive National Traits as Highlighted in the Dark Avenues by Ivan A. Bunin
184 - 203
Anna V. Protopopova, Ivan A. Protopopov.
Between Otto Weininger and Vassily Rozanov: Constructing the Feminine and the Masculine in Dmitry Merezhkovsky’s Works
204 - 221
Evgeny R. Ponomarev.
Motherland in the Philosophical Constructions of I.A. Ilyin: Literary Projections
222 - 243

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Viktor I. Humeniuk.
“Volodymyr Vynnychenko’s Play The Law: The Principle of the Genre and Stylistic Complexity
244 - 257

Folklore Studies


Tatyana A. Agapkina.
The Will in the East Slavic Folklore

258 - 281
Anastasiya R. Sadokova.
Japanese Traditions of Oral Storytelling in the Middle Ages
282 - 303

Textology. Materials


Natalia V. Kornienko, Ruslan E. Klementiev.
Literary Center of Constructivists on Its Way to the RAPP (From the History of Literary Life at the Turn of the 1920s — 1930s)

304 - 321

Natalya N. Primochkina.
Maxim Gorky and the Publishing House of I.P. Ladyzhnikov (Based on Archival Materials)

322 - 345

Alla M. Gracheva.
Alexey Remizov and Boris Savinkov: A History of Relationship in Letters and Memoirs

346 - 379
Anna V. Khroustaleva.
G. Lelevich in Saratov. From the Chronicle of the Saratov Literary Life of 1926–1928
380 - 393
Andrey V. Ganin.
The Image of the White Army Agent General Nosovich in the Novella Bread by Alexey N. Tolstoy
394 - 407
Olga A. Simonova.
A Civil War Heroine Liudmila Mokievskaya-Zubok: Historical Documents and Fictional Character
408 - 425