2019 Vol. 4, №3


Literary theory

 Aleksandr A. Zhitenev Interpretation of “Novelty” in the Theory of Russian Avant-guard (“LEF”, “Novy LEF”) 10-27
Oxana A. Koval, Ekaterina B. Kriukova Gottfried Benn and Martin Heidegger on the Essence of Poetry. The Story of a Might-Have-Been Meeting 28-49

World Literature

Alexandra Yu. Nikiforova.  Myron Liturgy: Constantinople vs Near East 50-71
Anfisa D. Savina.  In the Wake of the New Drama: Villiers de l’Isle-Adam’s La Révolte and Its First Russian Translation
Alexandra P. Urakova.  “Tribulations of a Cheerful Giver”: Political Economy of William Dean Howells
Alexandra M. Bibikova.  Artificial and Live Actors in Luigi Pirandello’s Play Giants of the Mountain
 Liudmila E. Saburova. Music and Painting in the Autobiographical Prose of Eugenio Montale and Antonio Delfini (The Butterfly of Dinard, “One Story”)
 Enno Stahl.  Rawums — “Wild Young People” in Literature. Pop-authors of the 1980s 136-157
 Evgenia M. Butenina.  The New York Text in Contemporary Russian-American Fiction

Russian Literature

 Anastasia V. Semenova A Poem by Vladimir Mikhail Kheraskov: Historical Sources 172-187
 Igor’ A. Vinogradov.  “Superfluous Men” in Russian Literature: Gogol’s ViewLiterature: Gogol’s View 188-209
Evgeniya N. Stroganova.  Leo Tolstoy and English Female Writers 210-225
Theuriau F.-G.  The Social Question in “The Proposal” by Anton Chékhov 226-239
 Natalia V. Prusakova The Function of Songs in the Fiction by Nadezhda Teffi 140-251
 Natalya I. Duzhina  The Building of Socialism in Platonov’s The Foundation Pit 252-267
 Natalia N. Primochkina  “Man with a Capital M”? Lenin’s Image and Its Metamorphoses in Gorky’s WorkLenin’s Image and Its Metamorphoses in Gorky’s Work 268-289

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

 Yuri Ya. Barabash Ethnocultural Frontier: Conceptual, Typological, and Circumstantial Aspects (Alien — Other — One’s own)Conceptual, Typological, and Circumstantial Aspects (Alien — Other — One’s own) 290-229

Folklore Sudies

Boris Yu. Sengleev Trickster Traits in the Folklore Image of Mazan-BatyrImage of Mazan-Batyr 330-351
Balzira V. Elbikova Physical Destruction of the Enemy in Kalmyk Fairy Tales “Sedklin Arvn Bolg” (Memorized Twelve Chapters) by M. Burinov

Textology. Materials

 Anatoly S. Demin Three Handwritten Trinity Collections about Scribes and Ignoramuses, 15th —16th CenturiesCollections about Scribes and Ignoramuses, 15th —16th Centuries 370-381
 Andrey B. Chichkin “Sua Santità spera dunque fermamente che la Russia risorgerà”: The Newly Discovered Letter of Vyacheslav I. Ivanov from 1938


Maria V. Kundozerova, Valentina P. Mironova Review of Sampo. Runes of Pohjola (Karelian Epic); ed. by D. Bakulin, transl. by A. Bakulined. by D. Bakulin, transl. by A. Bakulin 398-407