2020 Vol. 5, №2


Literary Theory

Alexander E. Makhov The Category of Verisimilitude in the Literary Theory of French Classicism

10 - 33 

Alexey E. Kozlov “The Right to Biography” and Literary Memories of the 19th Century 34 - 55
Mikhail L. Andreev Goldoni in the Translation of Amfiteatrov’s Family  56 - 67

World Literature

Alexandra S. Balakhovskaya Hagiographic Narrative and its Interpretations 68 - 87
Anna V. Toporova The “Strange” and the “Familiar” in Italian Descriptions of Pilgrimages to the Holy Land (14th–15th Centuries) 88 - 101 
Maria Iu. Ignatieva (Oganissian) Petersburg — Paris — Göttingen — Madrid: a Story from the History
of the History of Spanish Literature
102 - 123
Kveta Kunesova Juvenile Literature, Does It Know Any Frontiers? (Between Tradition and Transposition in Czech Literature for Young Readers) 124 - 145
Tatiana A. Sharypina, Polina D. Kazakova Russian-German Literary Transfer of the 1930s–40s (S. Tretyakov, F. Wolf, and B. Brecht)

146 - 161

Anastasia V. Golubtsova Literary Experiment from C.E. Gadda to Neo-Avant-Garde: Continuity and

162 - 171

Аnna V. Popova

The Image of Daniil Кharms in The Works of Aglaya Veteranyi

172 - 185
Dmitry A. Chugunov Representation of the Past in Bernhard Schlink's Fiction 186 - 201

Russian Literature

Viktor I. Shcherbakov The Problem of the Hero of His Time in the Dialogue between Turgenev and
202 - 219 
Olga A. Grinevich Post-Rhetorical Model of the “Estate Text” and Its Transformation in Fet’s Poetry 220 - 233
Anastasia G. Plotnikova M. Gorky’s Drama The Lower Depths in the World Cinema 234 - 251
Paola Cioni Life of Klim Samgin as a Novel about the “A Man without Qualities” 252 - 269
Alexander V. Markov Schumann’s Carnival in the Poetry of Dmitry Klenovsky 270 - 285

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Yuri Ya. Barabash Ethno-cultural Boerderline: Conceptual, Typological, and Circumstantial Aspects (Alien — Other — One’s own). Second article: Kharkov.
Donbass — Ethno-Linguistic and Cultural Borderland
286 - 321
Tair N. Kirimov The Structure and Semantics of Poetic Titles by D. Kermencikli 322 - 335 

Folklore Studies

Tatyana A. Agapkina Blagovernaia Tsaritsa Khitra Byla Mudra: on One Synonymous Pair in the Russian
336 - 389
Alexey L. Nalepin “Kojiki” and A.A. Vanovsky on the Genesis of Mythological Entities in the Archaic Myths of the Ancient Japan 390 - 411
Tanzily M. Khadzhieva Religious and Mythological Characters and Motifs in the Nart Epic Balkars and
412 - 423
Badma-Khanda B. Tsybikova

The Specificity of the Plot and Structure of the Buryat Fairy Tales (2018 field

424 - 437

Textology. Materials

Tatiana A. Kupchenko

Authorial Punctuation Signs as the Markers of the Meaning. On the Example of
Mayakovsky’s 150 000 000

438 - 469