2020 Vol. 5, №3


Literary Theory

Kazbek K. Sultanov Tradition in the Post-Traditional World: National Literature as Experience of

10 - 43

Ekaterina B. Kriukova,

Oxana A. Koval

Six Thinkers in Search of the Author 44 - 67

World Literature

Alexander B. Kudelin West-Eastern Poetic Compositions of the First Third of the 19th Century:
from Goethe’s Divan to the ‘Sonnet/Ghazal’ by Mickiewicz/Topczi-Baszy
 68 - 103
Elena M. Dyakonova The Саnon and the Commentary. Exegesis in Japanese Classical Poetry 104 - 127

Larisa N.


Olga N. Kulishkina

Two “Marienbad Elegies”: J.W. Goethe and W.G. Sebald 128 - 143
Ronald Vroon Vladimir Mayakovsky and Frank O’Hara: a Reappraisal 

144 - 185

Elena Yu. Saprykina Humanized Artificial Body in the 20th Century Italian Literature

186 - 199


Russian Literature

Vladimir M. Kirillin Alexander the Great’s “Argolai”and “Lenii Levi”: On the Difficulties of Translation of The Life of the Prophet Jeremiah into Russian 200 - 235 
Valeria G. Andreeva The Image of the Land and Its Functions in Tolstoy’s Novel Resurrection 236 - 251 
Olga A. Bogdanova “Not a Golden Antique”: Experience of Negative Reception of the “Estate Culture” at the Turn of the 19th–20th Centuries 252 - 269
Iwona A. Ndiaye Bunin in the Interwar Poland. A Failed Tour 270 - 289 

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Alexey A. Arzamazov Face to Face with Everybody: Fictional World of the Forest Nenets Yuri Vella 290 - 307 

Folklore Studies

Vladimir L.Klyaus The Plot ATU/SUS 931 (“Oedipus” / “Incest”) in the Oral Literacy of the
Transbaikal Russian-Chinese Borderland
308 - 327

Textology. Materials

Nikolay A. Bogomolov, Vladislava L. Gayduk

Valery Brusov. 1890 Journal Entries (Foreword by N.A. Bogomolov, preparation of the text and notes by V.L. Gayduk and N.A. Bogomolov)

328 - 357
Vsevolod E. Bagno, Tatyana V. Misnikevich Verlen in the Interlinear Translation and in Translation: Creative Laboratory of Fyodor Sologub 358 - 377
Alla M. Gracheva Vasily Ilmenev “Explanatory Dictionary” 378 - 391
Anna V. Khroustaleva Regional Press and Censorship in the New Economic Policy Period (Saratov, Samara Regions and the German Autonomy) 392 - 411

Scientific Life

Liubov V. Goriaeva The Annual Glasses for All Who Seek Knowledge and its Place in the Modern Malay Book Culture 412 - 425