2018 Vol. 3, №3


 Literary Theory

Alexander A. Yudin The Notion of Aesthetic Imperative in the Early Bakhtin  10-25

World Literature

Ekaterina P. Zykova Evolution of Classicism in the 18 th century and the English novel  26-45
Tatyana A. Zotova Ludwig Tieck‘s Collection “Gedichte”: From a Fragment to an Encyclopedia  46-63
Maria A. Ostanina, Tatyana P. Shastina An English Lady in the “Wild Space” of Siberia (based on
Mrs. L. Atkinson’s Recollections of Tartar Steppes and Their Inhabitants)
Natalya A. Kopcha  “Siberian Possibilities”: German Reception of Dostoevsky 82-93
Natalia Yu. Kharitonova Mysterious China as a Source for Literary Hoaxes: Poetry in the Spanish Literary Magazine Prisma 94-103
Aleksandra V. Eliseeva Child Martyrs in the Pantheon of Totalitarian Cultures (H. Steinhoff’s Film Hitlerjunge Quex) 104-115

Russian Literature

Ekaterina E. Dmitrieva The Myth of Belovodie, Oponskoe [Japan] Kingdom of the Old Believers, and the Mystery of the Second Volume of Gogol’s Dead Souls 116-143
Maria S. Akimova The Chapel in Turgenev’s Novel On the Eve: History, Literature, Mythology 144-161
Michiko Komiya The Autobiographical Myth in Ju. K. Olesha’s Novel Envy 162-175
Natalya I. Duzhina “A Juvenile Case” — The History of a Story by Andrey Platonov 176-197
Ruslan T. Saduov “I аm an Elephant”: The Use of Metaphor in Contemporary Russian Comics 198-207

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Albina S. Zhuleva Mythopoetics of Space in the Novels by Yuri Rytkheu 208-231

Folklore Studies

Michel Espagne Enlightenment Germany and the Invention of Siberia  232-253
Svetlana P. Sorokina Petrushka in the Theatre for Children in the First Ten Years After the October Revolution (Two Plays by S.I. Marshak) 254-277
Dmitry Yu. Doronin Fire, Flood and War from the East: Cultural Transfer in Altaic Modern Eschatology 278-303

Textology. Materials

Natalya I. Reinhold Lumières of the English Criticism (Introductory Article). Samuel Johnson. Swift (From The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets). Translated into Russian, with Notes 304-354