2020 Vol. 5, №4


Literary Theory

Tatiana G. Chesnokova The Taming of the Shrew by A.N. Ostrovsky: Some Aspects of Reception and the Principles of Translation of Shakespeare’s Comedy

10 - 37


Svetlana V. Fedotova

Mapping out Methodological Approaches to Russian Symbolism (on the Example of Vyacheslav Ivanov)  38 - 65

Zsófia Kalavszky, Alexandra P. Urakova

Exploring the Boundaries of Texts and Literary Cults  66 - 87

World Literature

Andrey V. Golubkov Paving the Road to Historical Novel: “Les Histoires Secrètes” in France at the Turn of the 17th and 18th Centuries

88 - 101

Larisa A. Simonova Theater as a Dictate of Power. The Problem of Freedom of the Dramatic Author in the Classical Epoch 102 - 125
Virginie Fernandez Gaboriau, Reviewer of the Manners in L’argent Des Autres 126 - 145
Daria D. Kuzina “The New Russia” and the Old Offenses: the Scandal around T. Draiser’s and D. Thhompson's Soviet Travelogues 146 - 165
Elizaveta A. Shevchenko The Function of Figurative Language in the Dialogue between Dickens and His Reader 166 - 181
Piotr Śniedziewski Disappearing Suns, Disappearing Worlds — The Black Sun in Krasiński’s Work 182 - 203 
Tatiana A. Bystrova “New Italian Epic” Memorandum 204 - 221 

Russian Literature

Ekaterina G. Paderina On the Pragmatics of the Genre and the Source of the “Literary” Memories about Late Gogol 222 - 245
Elena R. Obatnina Alexey Remizov: between Reception and Self-Reflection (The Chosen Pages of the Scrapbook “Foreign Censorship” 1923–1931) 246 - 265
Natalia I. Shubnikova-Guseva The Academic Esenin. To the 125th Anniversary of the Poet’s Birth 266 - 299

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Inna A. Kazharova Figurative and Semantic Dominants of the Story “Scarlet Herbs” by Zeitun Tolgurov 300 - 319
Margarita S. Dedina Representation of the World in the Novels of Arzhan Adarov 320 - 337

Folklore Studies


Valentina P. Kuznetsova, Elena V. Markovskaya

Folklore Archive and Historical Reality (Based on the Archive Materials of the Institute of Language, Literature and History, Karelian Research Centre RAS)

338 - 357

Textology. Materials

Anna Yu. Sergeeva-Klyatis “The Loneliness of the Incomprehensible Content”: Sergey Bobrov about Boris Pasternak 358 - 373

Scientific Life

Marina A. Arias-Vikhil, Vadim V. Polonsky Documented History of the “World Literature” Publishing House: Financial Aspect (1918–1921) 374 - 393
Daria S. Moskovskaya, Elena D. Galtsova FOSP’S “Publishing Passion”: on the Materials Held in the Department of Manuscripts of the IWL RAS 394 - 419
Serge Rolet

“Academia” Publishing House. Between Culture and Money (1929–1938)

420 - 443
Tatiana Trankvillitskaia The Soviet Pavilion at the 1937 Paris Exposition: Financial Aspect and Organizational Problems 444 - 471

From the History of Literary Studies

Tatiana V. Marchenko Bouquet of Violets, or Being a Bit Nervous: Finishing Touches to the 1933 Nobel Days 472 - 505
Irina V. Arshinova The Russian Theme in English Novels and its Reception in the Reviews of the Anglo-Russian Literary Society 506 - 517


Tamara V. Kudryavtseva, Alla A. Strelnikova On the Monograph by E.A. Zachevskij “The Man who Lied while telling the Truth. Life and Work of Wolfgang Koeppen” (St. Petersburg, Kriega, 2019. 752 p.) 518 - 527