Folklore Studies

Natalya A. Ursegova
Regional Peculiarities of the Development of Russian Siberian Folklore Studies in the Early 20th Century (Pre-October Period)
2022 Vol. 7, №3
Andrey L. Toporkov
The Experience of Reading the “Parafolklore” Text from I.P. Sakharov’s “Tales of the Russian People”
2022 Vol. 7, №3
Adam M. Gutov
Local Folklore in the System of Adyge (Circassian) Traditional Culture
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Aitalina A. Kuzmina
Perception of the Creation Myth in Yakut Epic Folklore
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Semen S. Makarov
Ethnonyms in the Texts of the Yakut Epic
2022 Vol. 7, №1
Anastasiya R. Sadokova
Japanese Traditions of Oral Storytelling in the Middle Ages
2021 Vol. 6, №3
Tatyana A. Agapkina
The Will in the East Slavic Folklore
2021 Vol. 6, №3
Marina V. Frolova
Pocong: Contemporary Zombie Stories in Indonesia
2021 Vol. 6, №1
V.P. Kuznetsova
E.V. Markovskaya
Folklore Archive and Historical Reality (Based on the Archive Materials of the Institute of Language, Literature and History, Karelian Research Centre RAS)
2020 Vol. 5, №4
V.L. Klyaus
The Plot ATU/SUS 931 (“Oedipus” / “Incest”) in the Oral Literacy of the Transbaikal Russian-Chinese Borderland
2020 Vol. 5, №3
Т.М. Khadzhieva
The Religious-mythological characters and motifs in the Nart epic Balkars and Karachai
2020 Vol. 5, №2
Т.A. Agapkina
Blagovernaia Tsaritsa Khitra Byla Mudra: on One Synonymous Pair in the Russian Folklore
2020 Vol. 5, №2
A.L. Nalepin
“Kojiki” and A.A. Vanovsky on the Genesis of Mythological Entities in the Archaic Myths of the Ancient Japan
2020 Vol. 5, №2
B.-Kh.B. Tsybikova
The Specificity of the Plot and Structure of the Buryat Fairy Tales (2018 field materials)
2020 Vol. 5, №2
D.I. Antonov
The Folklore of Icon-Painters and Art Historians: Legends about the Elder in the Iconography of the Nativity of Christ
2020 Vol. 5, №1
S.V. Alpatov
The Mouse and The Icon: on the Ethnographic Roots of Dostoevsky’s Poetics
2020 Vol. 5, №1
A.R. Sadokova
Folklore Motif of the Mythical Lover in the Ancient and Early- Medieval Japanese Literature
2019 Vol. 4, №4
N.A. Ursegova
At the Origins of the Russophone Musical Folklore of Siberia (1920s–1940s)
2019 Vol. 4, №4
Andrey L. Toporkov
St Sisinnius’ Legend in Folklore and Handwritten Traditions of Eurasia and Africa (Outcomes and Perspectives of Research)
2019 Vol. 4, №2
Svetlana P. Sorokina
Representation of Christmas Rituals in Leonid Solomatkin’s Paintings as a Folkloristic and Ethnographic Source
2019 Vol. 4, №1