2023 Vol. 8, №4


Literary theory


Dmitry V. Tokarev.
The Notion of Metaphysical Language and the Policy of Translation by Pyotr Vyasemsky

10 - 35
Vsevolod E. Bagno, Tatyana V. Misnikevich.
Recoding, Reaccentuation, Creative Association (Topos of the Incomplete Discoveries of Precursors in the Works of Russian Modernists)
36 - 57
Vyacheslav A. Yachmenik, Eugene I. Lyutko.
A “Monastery in the World”: The Cultural Meaning of a Concept
58 - 77

World literature


Boris M. Nikolsky.
πρίω and πρίων in Aristophanes’ Acharnians, vv. 34–36

78 - 87

Valentina S. Sergeeva.
British Reception of L.N. Tolstoy’s Works in the Threshold of “Russian Boom” of the 1910s

88 - 107

Natalia A. Nikitina, Natalia A. Tuliakova.
“L’Écheveau des Causes et des Effets”: Positivism and Irrationalism in Anatole France’s Short Stories

108 - 127
Kirill V. Lostchevsky.
“This World Actually Has Come to Pass”: Franz Kafka’s Artistic Universe in the Theoretical Studies of Hannah Arendt
128 - 143

Russian Literature


Irina V. Kochergina.
The Early Period of Yuly Aykhenvald’s Activity (1896–1901): To the Problem of Development of Literary Critical Method

144 - 161

Natalia I. Shubnikova-Guseva.
S.A. Yesenin’s “To Sister Shura” as a Lyrical and Philosophical Poetic Cycle

162 - 181

Tatiana A. Bogumil.
Literary Portrait of V.G. Shershenevich in the Works of Barnaul Writers

182 - 201

Sofya V. Melnikova.
Orthodox Spiritual Literature in the Concept of Siberian Regional Literature of the
17th – the Early 20th Century and in the Retrospective Bibliography

202 - 221
Anna V. Protopopova, Ivan A. Protopopov.
Discussion on Russian Émigré Literature in the “Mech” Journal and Around It
222 - 249

Folklore Studies


Svetlana P. Sorokina.
Folklore Fairy Tale in the First “Russian” Ballet of S. Diaghilev’s Entreprise

250 - 271

Textology. Materials


Svetlana V. Fedotova.
Lyudmila Gogotishvili’s “Phenomenology of Speaking”: On the History of Unpublished Book
(Based on Personal Archive Materials)

272 - 305
Elmira K. Alexandrova.
About “Veshnee Vesel’e” by Vyach. Ivanov — Translation from the Poem “The Seasons” (“Metai”) by K. Donelaitis
306 - 323
Alexandr S. Alexandrov.
On the Documental Basis of A. Blok’s Essay “Poslednie dni Imperatorskoi vlasti” (“The Last Days of Imperial Power”)
324 - 343
Kristina R. Buynova.
Foreign Commission of the Soviet Writers’ Union in the 1960s: Priorities, Work Features, Challenges
344 - 369

Close-up: L.N. Tolstoy


Natalia I. Gorodilova.
Friendly Censorship in the Creative History of Leo Tolstoy’s Short Story “Candle”

370 - 387
Marina A. Mozharova.
Textual History of L.N. Tolstoy’s Short Story “Three Elders”
388 - 407
Irina I. Sizova.
“The Tale of Ivan the Fool...” by L.N. Tolstoy (1885–1886): The Problem of Editions
408 - 427
Anna A. Shcherbinina.
Peculiarities of Foreign Language Inclusions in L.N. Tolstoy’s “Mournful List of Mental Patients of the Yasnopolyansky Hospital”
428 - 445
Evgenija M. Geronimus.
Correspondence Between L.N. Tolstoy and A.I. Herzen: Additions to the Scientific Commentary
446 - 461


Ksenia I. Morozova.
The Access Code. The Review of the Monograph by M.A. Perepelkin “Khodivshie po mukam: ‛samarskii kod’ v trilogii A.N. Tolstogo”
446 - 471