2022 Vol. 7, №4


Literary theory


Daria S. Moskovskaya, Natalia Y. Bakshaeva, Olga V. Romanova.
Mass Character and “Massovization” in the Early Soviet Literary Process

10 - 33
Elena N. Kovtun.
The Universe of Afterlife Intertext in Fantasy of 20th–21th Centuries: The Functionality of Art Model
34 - 53

World literature

Nataliia L. Ogurechnikova.
The Bible of Hermann of Valenciennes and the Icelandic Biblical Paraphrase Lily
54 - 73
Ekaterina N. Buzurnyuk.
Reference to the Lamp in Aristophanes’ Assemblywomen (v. 2): Reading Choice
74 - 83
Marina V. Kuteva, Varvara A. Makhortova.
Images of Birds in the History of Portuguese Poetry: Features of Metaphorics
84 - 107
Natalia Iu. Kharitonova.
R. del Valle Inclán’s Novel Tirano Banderas in the Light of Intersectional Analysis
108 - 125

Russian Literature

Olga A. Tufanova.
Plots about an Elephant in the Notes on Muscovy by Heinrich von Staden and in Old Russian Literature of the 12th–16th Centuries
126 - 141
Ani Petrs.
The Story “In the Summer of 190*” by Alexander Beklemishev is a Literary Hoax by Samuel Kissin (Muni)
142 - 155
Marianna V. Kaplun.
Gender Poetics of O. Mirtov’s Novel Apple Trees Are in Bloom
156 - 177
Evgeny R. Ponomarev.
Genre Genesis and Plot Theory of Ivan Bunin’s Early Prose
178 - 193
Veronika B. Zuseva-Özkan.
The Situation “A Woman Among Men” in the Works by M. Gorky and Ye. Zamyatin: “Twenty-Six and One” and “Eleven and One”
194 - 211
Anna V. Amelina.
The Perception of Russian Literature in the Czech Periodicals in the 1920s (Rozpravy Aventina Magazine)
212 - 231

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Galina M. Lesnaya.
“Society Did not Notice Her, Passed Her by”: from the History of the Study of “Exotic” Plots in the Works of Lesya Ukrainka
232 - 253

Folklore Studies


Tatyana A. Agapkina.
Belarusian and Ukrainian Charms Against Perelogi: Inter-genre Rollcalls

254 - 275

Textology. Materials


Irina A. Zaitseva.
On the Sources of Some N.V. Gogol’s Records in the “Tarnovsky Notebook”

276 - 291
Konstantin Yu. Lappo-Danilevskii.
Vyacheslav Ivanov’s Translations from Dante’s Vita Nuova
292 - 315
Oleg E. Osovskiy, Svetlana A. Dubrovskaya.
G.M. Fredlender’s Review on M.M. Bakhtin’s “To the Issues of the Methodology of the Aesthetics of Verbal-artistic Creativity”
316 - 335
Vera V. Filicheva.
Concerning the Unrealized Edition of Ivanhoe by Walter Scott in the Publishing House Academia
336 - 355


Kirill A. Chekalov.
New Book on the Author of a Poem Monrepos. Baron Nicholay and his Entourage
356 - 369