2018 Vol. 3, №2


Literary Theory

 Irina K. Staf Rabelais’ “culture of folk humor” as a Technique of Archaicized Narration 10-25
Nadège Langbour Diderot critique d’art et la traduction de l’espace-temps: de la composition picturale à la décomposition/recomposition littéraire 26-36

World Literature

Elena V. Haltrin-Khalturina The Natural Sublime Leading to the Human Sublime (on Book 8 of Wordsworth’s The Prelude) 37-51
Anna V. Dobryashkina Children and Juvenile Literature of the Third Reich as an Instrument of Nazi Identity Formation 52-65
Anastasia V. Gladoshchuk Poetics of Octavio Paz’s The Violent Season 66-79

Russian Literature

Yuri Y. Barabash Crocodile Street, Nevsky Prospekt and Beyond. Bruno Schults and Gogol Meeting at the Border 80-101
Marsel R. Khamitov “Between Death and Life” by A.N. Apukhtin: Reincarnation Plot as the Narrative Problem 102-121
Olga A. Simonova "In this Light Church — Korney is the Hierarch": Recurring Images in the Poetry of Korney Chukovsky and His Contemporaries 122-143
Claudia Pieralli Gulag Poetry as Literary Testimony: Poetical and Epistemic Framework 144-163
Akifumi Takeda Who is Vasily Travnikov? Between Literary Hoax and Literary History 164-173
Olga A. Peshkova The Image of the Author in Tatyana Tolstaya’s Blog 174-195
Tatiana Viktoroff “I will return/come back to you unrecognized”: The Fate of Poetry of Mother Maria in Post-Soviet Russia and France 196-229

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Кazbek К. Sultanov National Specificity and Artistic Value: At the Crossroads of Ethnocultural Discourse and Axiological Critique 230-251

Folklore Studies

Alexander A. Panchenko Why Was a Baby Devil Born: The Legend about a Blasphemous Communist,
Monstrous Births, and the Limits of Religious Didactics

Textology. Materials

Natalya I. Shubnikova-Guseva Yesenin’s Drawings as Part of the “Real” Commentary to His Works 288-309


Evgeny B. Belodubrovsky Antsyferov and his Contemporaries. Notes of a Literary Prospector 310-329


Аlexey V. Svyatoslavsky Zolotarev А.А. Campo Santo of my Memory: Memoir. Fiction. Poems. Essays. Philosophical Works. Opinions of Contemporaries. Edited by D.S. Moskovskaya and V.E. Halizev. St. Petersburg: ROSTOK Publ., 2016. Review 330-339

Academic Life

Aleksandra S. Balakhovskaya, Natalia V. Zakharova Сonference “Oriental readings. Religions. Cultures. Literatures.” (November 17–18, IWL RAS) 340-351
Yelena V. Minyonok Conference “Folklore and October Revoltion” at IWL RAS 352-362