2022 Vol. 7, №1


Literary Theory


Tatiana G. Chesnokova.
On the Evolution of the Public and the Private in the Genre Structure of Comic Drama: Plautus’ Plot in the Plays by J.F. Regnard and H. Fielding

10 - 39

Petr A. Moiseev. 
Russian Detective Studies in the First Half of the 20th Century

40 - 69

World Literature

Natalia M. Dolgorukova, Alesya A. Lyubavina.
Semantic and Connotations of the Word “Surplus” in French and Provencal Literature of the 12th Century
70 - 87
Inna G. Matyushina.
Manuscript Variation in “Hervarar Saga ok Heiðreks Konungs”
88 - 109
Andrey V. Golubkov.
Scaligerana: Language as a Plot
110 - 125
Veronika D. Altashina.
Singer of Graces: the Gallant Montesquieu (“The Temple Of Gnidos” and “Journey To Paphos”)
126 - 145
Yulia S. Patronnikova.
Emilio De Marchi’s Novel “The Priest’s Hat”: the Origins of Italian Giallo
146 - 169
Anastasia V. Golubtsova.
“The Myth of Russia” in the Works by Curzio Malaparte
170 - 183

Russian Literature

Andrey P. Bogdanov.
Power of the Legend: the Tale of Sloven and Rus in Russian Chronicles of the 17th Century
184 - 201
Svetlana A. Borisova.
The Fearful Paradise of “The Life of Basil the Younger”
202- 215
Ivan O. Volkov, Emma M. Zhilyakova.
I.S. Turgenev as a Walter Scott’s Reader (on Turgenev’s Personal Library). Part 1
216 - 239
Marina D. Kuzmina.
The Motif of Laziness in the Friendly Correspondence of the Young I.V. Kireevsky
240 - 259
Valeria G. Andreeva.
The image of Emperor Alexander I in the epic novel by L.N. Tolstoy “War and Peace”
260 - 281
Svetlana A. Seregina.
S.A. Yesenin and N.V. Pokrovsky: on the History of Studying the Poet’s Reading Circle and his Ideas about Art
282 - 297
Alla A. Nikolaeva.
The Synthesis of Theater and Poetic Art in the S.A. Yesenin’s Dramatic Poem “Pugachev”
298 - 315
Veronika B. Zuseva-Özkan.
Masculine Mask of Female Poetry: Z.N. Gippius and her Successors
316 - 337
Liia L. Ermakova.
“Uncreated Firmament”: Vyach. Ivanov and S. Bulgakov (about a Poem)
338 - 355

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Yuri M. Tkhagazitov, Lyudmila B. Khavzhokova.
Ali Shogentsukov and the National Literary Process of the 20th Century (to the Axiology of Re-reading)
356 - 367

Folklore Studies


Semen S. Makarov.
Ethnonyms in the Texts of the Yakut Epic

368 - 387

From the History of Literary and Folklore Studies

Alla I. Alieva.
Pyotr Karlovich Uslar — the Founder of Caucasian Folklore
388 - 413

Textology. Materials


Nikolay A. Bogomolov, Vladislava L. Gayduk.
Valery Bryusov. Journal Entries (1891) (Foreword by V.L. Gayduk, Preparation of the Text and Notes by N.A. Bogomolov and V.L. Gayduk)

414 - 471

Konstantin Yu. Burmistrov.
From Old Newspapers: an Unknown Essay by Alexander Kuprin and an Unaccounted Publication of Ivan Shmelev’s Fairy Tale

472 - 493

Tatyana Ye. Smykovskaya.
The Newspaper “Literature and Art of Bamlag” as a Literary Precedent of the GULAG

494 - 507


Kirill A. Chekalov.
“Your Letters are as Cordial as a Friend’s Handshake” (Correspondence between André Gide and Fyodor Rosenberg)
508 - 519