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Di Leo D. M. Gorky in Italy. Examination of the National Edition of the Newspaper Avanti! (Newspaper of the Socialist Party) January 1, 1900 — December 31, 1909. Studia Litterarum, 2019, vol. 4, no 4, pp. 188–201. (In Italian)

DOI: 10.22455/2500-4247-2019-4-4-188-201

Author: Donata Di Leo
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Donata Di Leo, Fixed-term research assistant of Russian Language and Literature, Department of Literary, Linguistics and Comparative Studies, “L’Orientale” University of Naples, Via Duomo 219, 80138 Naples, Italy.

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3259-5411

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Received: February 28, 2019
Published: December 25, 2019
Issue: 2019 Vol. 4, №4
Department: Russian Literature
Pages: 188-201

UDK: 821.161.1
BBK: 83.3(2Рос=Рус)6
Keywords: Gorky, Italy, Avanti!, socialist newspaper, examination of the national edition, 1900–1909


The examination of the socialist daily newspaper Avanti!, in the period from January 1, 1900 through December 31, 1909, has revealed a large number of articles on Maxim Gorky (1868–1936), his literary production, and biographical facts linked to the revolutionary events that he supported. The purpose of the present study partially based on the talk given at the Conference on the Occasion of Maxim Gorky’s 150th Anniversary held in Naples and Sorrento (October 25–27, 2018), is to give the reader some idea about the “media response” to the image and works of Gorky in Italy in the first decade of the 20th century. It was a year of Gorky’s literary success outside of his homeland, the first ‘socialist’ revolution (1905), and the first year of Gorky’s stay in Italy. The Italian socialist newspaper responses to the literary and theatrical novelties of the Russian writer; speaks out in his support after his arrest; publishes interviews, press releases, and letters sent by the writer to the editorial office. All this gives an impression of the increasing friendship between Italian and Russian people that culminates, within the time limits of the present review, in the solidarity expressed by Gorky after the earthquake in Messina and Reggio Calabria. The digital versions of the Avanti! issues provided by the Institute of Historic Studies Gaetano Salvemini in Turin are freely accessible on the website of the Italian Senate ( avanti/controller.php?page=archivio-pubblicazione)


1 “L’albergo dei poveri” al Nazionale. La dimostrazione pro Gorki. Avanti! № 3037. 17/05/1905 (In Italian)

2 Alfa Salviamo Gorki. Avanti! № 3015. 24/04/1905 (In Italian)

3 Bottazzi L.M. In compagnia di Massimo Gorki. Avanti! № 3565. 01/11/1906 (In Italian)

4 de Nava G. Non toccate Gorki. Avanti! № 2933. 01/02/1905 (In Italian)

5 Grande manifestazione pro-Gorki a Trieste. Avanti! № 3028. 08/05/1905 (In Italian)

6 La falsa notizia dell’espulsione di M. Gorki dal partito socialista russo. Avanti! № 353. 20/12/1909 (In Italian)

7 La grande manifestazione di protesta contro la censura borbonica di Napoli. Dimostrazioni, colluttazioni, arresti. Avanti! № 3611. 17/12/1906 (In Italian)

8 La nota internazionale. America pudica. Avanti! № 3447. 04/07/1906 (In Italian)

9 La speculazione della moralità. Avanti! № 3372. 19/04/1906 (In Italian)

10 Le truppe russe prigioniere inneggiano alla rivoluzione. Avanti! № 3216. 13/11/1905 (In Italian)

11 Massimo Gorki a Napoli. Avanti! № 3560. 27/10/1906 (In Italian)

12 Massimo Gorki agli italiani. Avanti! № 3633. 09/01/1907 (In Italian)

13 Massimo Gorki al proletariato italiano. Avanti! № 2996. 05/04/1905 (In Italian)

14 Massimo Gorki in America. Avanti! № 3365. 12/04/1906 (In Italian)

15 Meyer W. Gor’kij M. Tra le macerie di Messina. Messina, GBM, 2005 (In Italian)

16 Meyer W. Gor’kii M. Zemletriasenie v Kalabrii i Sitsilii. 15–28 dek. 1908 g.: So snimk. s fot. Brodzhi i Andzhelisa i dr. Il [Earthquake in Calabria and Sicily. Dec 15–28 1908: From the photo by Broady and Angelisa et al.]. St. Peterburg, Znanie Publ., 1909. [8], 230 p. (In Russ.)

17 Meyer W. Gor’kij M. Im zerstörten Messina. Berlin, J. Ladyschnikow, 1909. 296 S. (In German)

18 Romualdi G. Conversando con Massimo Gorki. Avanti! № 3978. 22/12/1907 (In Italian)

19 Un articolo di Gorki per l’Avanti!: “Il 9–22 gennaio 1905 a Pietroburgo”. Avanti! № 3651. 27/01/1907 (In Italian)

20 Un voto per Massimo Gorki. Avanti! № 2931. 31/01/1905 (In Italian)

21 Una lettera di Gorki agli ufficiali. Avanti! № 2937. 05/02/1905 (In Italian)

22 Una lettera di Massimo Gorki. Avanti! № 17. 17/01/1909 (In Italian)