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Yakimova L.P. From The Memoir of An Academic Lady. About the All-Union Academic Conference in Tashkent, 1975 (introduction by Elena A. Papkova). Studia Litterarum, 2018, vol. 3, no 1, pp. 344–358. (In Russ.) DOI: 10.22455/2500-4247-2018-3-1-344-358

Author: Liudmila P. Yakimova
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Liudmila P. Yakimova, DSc in Philology, Director of Research, Institute of Philosophy, Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Nikolaeva 8, 630090, Novosibirsk, Russia.

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Published: August 24, 2017
Issue: March 25, 2018
Department: Memoir
Pages: 344-358

UDK: 82
BBK: 83
Keywords: All-Union conference, Russian literature in languages other than Russian, the poetics of “estrangement,” Siberian national literatures, Tashkent, Samarkand.