Textology. Materials

Lyubov V. Sumatokhina
The Book about the Russian Village: M. Gorky’s Unfulfilled Plan of the 1930s
2022 Vol. 7, №3
Julia V. Balakshina
❮Author's Confession❯ by N.V. Gogol: Problems of Commenting
2022 Vol. 7, №3
Natalia L. Vinogradskaya
Gogol and the School of Cavalry Junkers (From the Commentary on Gogol’s Letters to A.S. Danilevsky)
2022 Vol. 7, №3
Irina A. Poplavskaya
Galina I. Kolosova
Evgenia V. Ablogina
Slavic World in the Book Collection of Count G.A. Stroganov
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Evgenia V. Ivanova
Yakov D. Chechnev
How and why the “World Literature” Publishing House Was Closed (on the Materials from A.M. Gorky Archive of IWL RAS)
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Ludmilla V. Evdokimova
The Sestina of Arnaut Daniel in the Mirror of Philological Researchers and Critical Editions
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Elmira K. Alexandrova
Lithuanian Folk Songs in V. Ivanov’s Translation
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Elena A. Papkova
Memoir Prose of Vsevolod Ivanov
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Irina I. Sizova
To the History of the Text of L.N. Tolstoy’s Short Story “Two Old Men” (1885–1886): the First Publications of the Work
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Tatyana Ye. Smykovskaya
The Newspaper “Literature and Art of Bamlag” as a Literary Precedent of the GULAG
2022 Vol. 7, №1
Konstantin Yu. Burmistrov
From Old Newspapers: an Unknown Essay by Alexander Kuprin and an Unaccounted Publication of Ivan Shmelev’s Fairy Tale
2022 Vol. 7, №1
Nikolay A. Bogomolov
Vladislava L. Gayduk
Valery Bryusov. Journal Entries (1891) (Foreword by V.L. Gayduk, Preparation of the Text and Notes by N.A. Bogomolov and V.L. Gayduk)
2022 Vol. 7, №1
Vladimir Khazan
Larisa G. Zhukhovitskaya
From the Correspondence of Shalom Aleichem and A.V. Amfiteatrov (on the Problem of the Russian- Jewish Literary Dialogue)
2021 Vol. 6, №4
Elena R. Obatnina
Alexey Remizov and Boris Zaitsev: 1926 Anniversary Preparation
2021 Vol. 6, №4
Daria S. Moskovskaya
On the History of the Academic Series “Literary Heritage” (for the 90th Anniversary)
2021 Vol. 6, №4
Ivan A. Poliakov
Maria A. Smirnova
History of the Studies in Russian Memoir Literature of the 17th–18th Centuries: The Problem of Classification
2021 Vol. 6, №4
Olga A. Simonova
A Civil War Heroine Liudmila Mokievskaya-Zubok: Historical Documents and Fictional Character
2021 Vol. 6, №3
Andrey V. Ganin
The Image of the White Army Agent General Nosovich in the Novella Bread by Alexey N. Tolstoy
2021 Vol. 6, №3
Anna V. Khroustaleva
G. Lelevich in Saratov. From the Chronicle of the Saratov Literary Life of 1926–1928
2021 Vol. 6, №3
Alla M. Gracheva
Alexey Remizov and Boris Savinkov: A History of Relationship in Letters and Memoirs
2021 Vol. 6, №3