2019 Vol. 4, №2


Literary theory

Svetlana I. Mezheritskaya Allegory, Allegoreza, and Ancient Oratory 10-29
Alla P. Sklizkova Translation of the Keywords: Hauptman’s Drama The Holiday of Reconciliation and its Russian Version 30-43
Zoya S. Zakruzhnaya Literary Association of the Red Army and Navy and the Union of Soviet Writers: Unpacking the Origins of Social Realism 44-61

World Literature

Inna G. Matyushina.  The Functions of Formulaic Style in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Poems 62-87
Marie-Agnès Thirard  De L’enfant Surdoué à L’enfant Sauvage Dans Les Contes Merveilleux Français de la fin du XVII-ème Siècle 88-107
Igor O. Shaytanov Speech Strategy in King Lear (on the Trends of Development in Cultural Reflection) 108-127
Ekaterina N. Vasilyeva Persian Letters for Children: On the History of Montesquieuʼs Translations in Russia 128-143
Vera V. Shervashidse Paul Claudel’s Cosmism and Maurice Barres’s Egotism 144-161
Tamara V. Kudryavtseva On the Subject-Object Relations in Poetry: the Case of German Poetry from the Folklore Roots to the Postmodern Mainstream 162-189

Russian Literature

Olga A. Bogdanova The Image of the Estate-Museum in the Russian Literature of the 1920s 190-205
Leonid G. Kayanidi Vyacheslav Ivanov’s Tragedy Prometheus and his Poem The Dream of Melampus: Obvious and Hidden Points of Convergence 206-227
Valery V. Petroff Philosophical and Aesthetic Views of Vyacheslav Ivanov in His Essay “Forma Formans and Forma Formata” 228-251
Svetlana V. Fedotova Linguo-philosophical Novations of Russian Symbolism in the Interpretation of L.A. Gogotishvili (Vyach. Ivanov and A.F Losev) 252-273
Liubov V. Mashtakova Interpretation of Vyacheslav Ivanov’s Symbols in the Collection of Poems Let it Be So by Yury Verkhovsky 274-291

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Andrey F. Kofman Chingiz Aytmatov’s Fictional World 292-311

Folklore Sudies

Andrey L. Toporkov St Sisinnius’ Legend in Folklore and Handwritten Traditions of Eurasia and Africa (Outcomes and Perspectives of Research) 312-341

Textology. Materials

 Alla I. Alieva From the Caucasus Studies Heritage of N.S. Trubetsky 342-355


Kirill A. Chekalov Le polar après la révolution. À propos d’un nouvel ouvrage sur le roman policier (Marcela Poučova. Sous les pavés, le noir! Le roman noir dans la France post-68. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, 2017. 206 p. ISBN 978-80-210-8846-7) 356-370