2017 Vol. 2, №3


Literary Theory

 Maria E. Malikova Towards the Description of “Philological Translation” in the 1930-s: Adrian A. Frankovsky as Translator of the 18 th Century English Novel 10
Tamara V. Kudryavtseva Literary Process in Germany at the Turn of the 19 th and 20 th Centuries: Interaction of Literary Trends 46

 World Literature

Tatiana N. Krasavchenko “And time future contained in time past”: British Modernist Poetry from T.S. Eliot to Ted Hughes 74
Mikhail L. Аndreev Corneille’s Heroic Comedies 82
Elena V. Haltrin-Khalturina Two Wooers and their Sonnets: On Poetic Forms in Romeo and Juliet 94
Vasily M. Tolmatchoff  On the Symbolism of Thomas Mann 118
Anastasia V. Golubtsova Alexander Pushkin in the 19 th Century Italian Drama 138

Russian Literature

Zsófia Kalavszky Chapter from Pushkin’s Novel. Cultic Mechanisms and Textual Poetics of “The Last Text” and “The Sword of the Sensitive Nobleman” by Andrey Bitov  150
Ekaterina A. Stetsenko Mark Twain in the Russian Pre-Revolutionary Periodical. Part 2  166
 Magnus Ljunggren The Dutch Connection: Johanna van der Meulen’s Contribution to Russian Symbolism  190
Maria Yu. Ignatieva (Oganisyan) Racine and Mandelstam 204
Darya S. Moskovskaya Shakespeare and the Fight for Promfinplan, or How High Voltage is Made 220
Maksim L. Fyodorov A Journey to the Old Russia and Back. Bogatyry by Demian Bedny 236

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

  Yuri Y. Barabash David’s Psalms by Taras Shevchenko: From the Sacred Text to the Poetical Text  252

 Folklore Studies

 Elena A. Samodelova “Prayer to the Archangel Michael” and “The Dream of Our Lady” in the Records of Petr G. Bogatirev (On the Archival Materials)  274

Textology. Materials

Vladislav A. Rezvy “Falsification of Shakespeare”: Georgy Shengeli’s Unpublished Article on Boris Pasternak’s Translations 300
Maxim V. Skorokhodov Illustrations in Biographical Studies: Sharing Experience of Preparing The Chronicle of Life and Work of Sergey Esenin 334


Tatiana Nicolescu “Оpus magnum” by Ivan Verch  346

Academic Life

Zoya S. Zakruzhnaya Round Table “Istoriography of Russian Civil War in Literature, Ego-Documents and Criticism” 370
Svetlana A. Serjogina Conference “‘Eternal’ Plots and Images in Literature and Art of Russian Modernism (November 16–17, IWL RAS) 382