Russian Literature

Anastasia V. Sysoeva
“Zalp” Magazine as a Tool to Support and Form Defense Literature
2022 Vol. 7, №3
Oksana A. Kravchenko
Zeinab Sadeghi Sahlabad
The Immanent Critique of Yuly Aikhenvald: Silhouettes of Gogol and Dostoyevsky
2022 Vol. 7, №3
Nina L. Ermolaeva
“Homo Ludens” in the Epic by I.A. Goncharov
2022 Vol. 7, №3
Larisa I. Shchelokova
Concept of “Native Land” in Journalism of War Years
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Alexander A. Shuneyko
Olga V. Chibisova
Joseph Brodsky and Varlam Shalamov: Intertextual Convergences
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Vadim V. Polonsky
Thirst for Apocalyptic Whirlwinds and Creating a New World: Russian Literature of the 20th Century from the Silver Age to the Soviet Years Aesthetics
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Alexander S. Alexandrov
The Literary Life and Creativity of Contemporary Writers in the Epistolar Dialogue between A.A. Izmailov and A.A. Tikhonov-Lugovoy
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Marina I. Shcherbakova
Leo Tolstoy’s Sevastopol Stories: Spiritual Meanings of the Crimean War
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Vitaliy Yu. Darensky
The Genre of the Story-Parables in Prose by V.I. Dal
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Igor’ A. Vinogradov
N.V. Gogol and K.N. Leontiev: Recurrence of Westernism in “Conservative” Criticism
2022 Vol. 7, №2
Liia L. Ermakova
“Uncreated Firmament”: Vyach. Ivanov and S. Bulgakov (about a Poem)
2022 Vol. 7, №1
Veronika B. Zuseva-Özkan
Masculine Mask of Female Poetry: Z.N. Gippius and her Successors
2022 Vol. 7, №1
Alla A. Nikolaeva
The Synthesis of Theater and Poetic Art in the S.A. Yesenin’s Dramatic Poem “Pugachev”
2022 Vol. 7, №1
Svetlana A. Seregina
S.A. Yesenin and N.V. Pokrovsky: on the History of Studying the Poet’s Reading Circle and his Ideas about Art
2022 Vol. 7, №1
Valeria G. Andreeva
The image of Emperor Alexander I in the epic novel by L.N. Tolstoy “War and Peace”
2022 Vol. 7, №1
Marina D. Kuzmina
The Motif of Laziness in the Friendly Correspondence of the Young I.V. Kireevsky
2022 Vol. 7, №1
Ivan O. Volkov
Emma M. Zhilyakova
I.S. Turgenev as a Walter Scott’s Reader (on Turgenev’s Personal Library). Part 1
2022 Vol. 7, №1
Svetlana A. Borisova
The Fearful Paradise of “The Life of Basil the Younger”
2022 Vol. 7, №1
Andrey P. Bogdanov
Power of the Legend: the Tale of Sloven and Rus in Russian Chronicles of the 17th Century
2022 Vol. 7, №1
Anastasia G. Gacheva
Overcoming Faust: Maksim Gorky in the Perception of Philosopher, Poet, and Aesthetician Aleksandr Gorsky
2021 Vol. 6, №4