Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Vyacheslav A. Biguaa
Symbolic Images of Stone and Mountains in the Literatures of Abkhazian and North Caucasian Nations
2021 Vol. 6, №4
Viktor I. Humeniuk
“Volodymyr Vynnychenko’s Play The Law: The Principle of the Genre and Stylistic Complexity
2021 Vol. 6, №3
Maria V. Kazakova
Bilingual Worldview in the Poetry of Oleg Mišin – Armas Hiiri: The Study of Self-Translation
2021 Vol. 6, №1
Elizaveta E. Baldanmaksarova
The Early Stage of Buryat-Mongol Literature
2021 Vol. 6, №1
M.S. Dedina
Representation of the World in the Novels of Arzhan Adarov
2020 Vol. 5, №4
I.A. Kazharova
Figurative and Semantic Dominants of the Story “Scarlet Herbs” by Zeitun Tolgurov
2020 Vol. 5, №4
A.A. Arzamazov
Face to Face with Everybody: Fictional World of the Forest Nenets Yuri Vella
2020 Vol. 5, №3
Yu.Ya. Barabash
Ethno-cultural Boerderline: Conceptual, Typological, and Circumstantial Aspects (Alien — Other — One’s own). Second article: Kharkov. Donbass — Ethno-Linguistic and Cultural Borderland
2020 Vol. 5, №2
T.N. Kirimov
The Structure and Semantics of Poetic Titles by D. Kermencikli
2020 Vol. 5, №2
N.V. Yakovenko
Allusions to the Gospel Stories in Christ Landed in Harodnia by V. Korotkevich and Master and Margarita by M. Bulgakov
2020 Vol. 5, №1
E.A. Litvin.
S.S. Makarov
Socialist Realism of the Newly Written Literatures (The Case of Sofron Danilov's Novel While the Heart Is Beating)
2020 Vol. 5, №1
B.S. Zulumyan
From the Classical Tradition to the Symbolist Poetry: Tumanyan, Teryan, Charents
2019 Vol. 4, №4
Yuri Ya. Barabash.
Ethnocultural Frontier: Conceptual, Typological, and Circumstantial Aspects (Alien — Other — One’s own)
2019 Vol. 4, №3
Andrey F. Kofman
Chingiz Aytmatov’s Fictional World
2019 Vol. 4, №2
Vera G. Panteleeva
Udmurt Poetry of the late 20th and early 21st century: Transformation of Genres, Styles, and Images
2019 Vol. 4, №1
Yuri Y. Barabash
Developing the National Modernist Pattern: Three Plays by Igor Kostetsky
2018 Vol. 3, №4
Albina S. Zhuleva
Mythopoetics of Space in the Novels by Yuri Rytkheu
2018 Vol. 3, №3
Кazbek К. Sultanov
National Specificity and Artistic Value: At the Crossroads of Ethnocultural Discourse and Axiological Critique
2018 Vol. 3, №2
Stanislav K. Rosovetsky
Epic Specificity of Ukrainian Folk Dumas
2018 Vol. 3, №1
Elizaveta E. Baldanmaksarova
“The Testament” of XII Pandito Hambo-Lama Dashidorzhi Ithegelov in the Context of Buddhist Philosophy
2017 Vol. 2, №4