Literary Theory

Valery I. Tyupa
The Pivotal Narratological Category in Historical Perspective
2021 Vol. 6, №1
Zs. Kalavszky
A.P. Urakova
Exploring the Boundaries of Texts and Literary Cults
2020 Vol. 5, №4
S.V. Fedotova
Mapping out Methodological Approaches to Russian Symbolism (on the Example of Vyacheslav Ivanov)
2020 Vol. 5, №4
T.G. Chesnokova
The Taming of the Shrew by A.N. Ostrovsky: some aspects of reception and the principles of translation of Shakespeare’s comedy
2020 Vol. 5, №4
E.B. Kriukova
O.А. Koval
Six Thinkers in Search of the Author
2020 Vol. 5, №3
K.K. Sultanov
Tradition in the Post-Traditional World: National Literature as Experience of Prolongation
2020 Vol. 5, №3
A.E. Makhov
The Category of Verisimilitude in the Literary Theory of French Classicism
2020 Vol. 5, №2
A.E. Kozlov
“The Right to Biography” and Literary Memories of the 19th Century
2020 Vol. 5, №2
M.L. Andreev
Goldoni in the Translation of Amfiteatrov’s Family
2020 Vol. 5, №2
N.A. Drovaleva
Visualization of the Character's Appearance in Fiction
2020 Vol. 5, №1
G. Rimondi
On the Role of Musical Ekphrasis in A.F. Losev’s Novel Tchaikovsky Trio
2020 Vol. 5, №1
Veronika B. Zuseva-Özkan
Prefix “Neo” in the Cultural and Scientific Reflection
2019 Vol. 4, №4
T.G. Magaril-Ilyaeva
The Single Text: on the History of the Term and its Role in Dostoevsky Studies
2019 Vol. 4, №4
Oxana A. Koval
Ekaterina B. Kriukova
Gottfried Benn and Martin Heidegger on the Essence of Poetry. The Story of a Might-Have-Been Meeting
2019 Vol. 4, №3
Aleksandr A. Zhitenev
Interpretation of “Novelty” in the Theory of Russian Avant-guard (“LEF”, “Novy LEF”)
2019 Vol. 4, №3
Zoya S. Zakruzhnaya
Literary Association of the Red Army and Navy and the Union of Soviet Writers: Unpacking the Origins of Social Realism
2019 Vol. 4, №2
Alla P. Sklizkova
Translation of the Keywords: Hauptman’s Drama The Holiday of Reconciliation and its Russian Version
2019 Vol. 4, №2
Svetlana I. Mezheritskaya
Allegory, Allegoreza, and Ancient Oratory
2019 Vol. 4, №2
Maria V. Yatsenko
Philological Translation: Problems and Perspectives (On the Translation of the Old English Paraphrases of Exodus and Daniel into Russian)
2019 Vol. 4, №1
Marina V. Pantina
The Problem of Reception of Joseph de Maistre in the Russian Culture at the Turn of the 19 th and 20 th Century (Vladimir Solovyov, Nikolay Berdyaev)
2018 Vol. 3, №4