2022 Vol. 7, №2


Literary Theory


Arkady B. Kovelman.
The Fear of Tautology as Esthetic and Ethic Category

10 - 27

World Literature

Mikhail L. Andreev.
The New Life by Dante in Russian Translations
28 - 39
Tatiana G. Chesnokova.
Winter in Tomis and “Winter” in Hell: Once More about the Parallels between Dante and Ovid
40 - 61
Anna V. Toporova.
Dante as an “Existential Teacher”: Franco Nembrini and Fr. Georgy Chistyakov on Dante
62 - 75
Irina V. Ershova.
Dante’s Plot on Francesco and Paolo in Spanish Literature of the 15th–17th Centuries
76 - 93
Oleg F. Kudryavtsev.
Dante’s Work in the Interpretation of Humanists of Platonic Academy of Florence
94 - 103
Svetlana Yu. Pavlova.
Moliere’s Reflections on the Concept of “Honnête Homme” in The Misanthrope
102 - 119

Russian Literature

Igor’ A. Vinogradov.
N.V. Gogol and K.N. Leontiev: Recurrence of Westernism in “Conservative” Criticism
120 - 143
Vitaliy Yu. Darensky.
The Genre of the Story-Parables in Prose by V.I. Dal
144 - 161
Marina I. Shcherbakova.
Leo Tolstoy’s Sevastopol Stories: Spiritual Meanings of the Crimean War
162 - 173
Alexander S. Alexandrov.
The Literary Life and Creativity of Contemporary Writers in the Epistolar Dialogue between A.A. Izmailov and A.A. Tikhonov-Lugovoy
174 - 187
Vadim V. Polonsky.
Thirst for Apocalyptic Whirlwinds and Creating a New World: Russian Literature of the 20th Century from the Silver Age to the Soviet Years Aesthetics
188 - 203
Alexander A. Shuneyko, Olga V. Chibisova.
Joseph Brodsky and Varlam Shalamov: Intertextual Convergences
204 - 219

Larisa I. Shchelokova.
Concept of “Native Land” in Journalism of War Years

220 - 231

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Elizaveta E. Baldanmaksarova.
Hagiographic Genre in the Buryat-Mongolian Literature of 18th – Early 20th Centuries
232 - 247

Folklore Studies


Aitalina A. Kuzmina.
Perception of the Creation Myth in Yakut Epic Folklore

248 - 263
Adam M. Gutov.
Local Folklore in the System of Adyge (Circassian) Traditional Culture
264 - 279

Textology. Materials


Irina I. Sizova.
To the History of the Text of L.N. Tolstoy’s Short Story “Two Old Men” (1885–1886): the First Publications of the Work

280 - 297

Elena A. Papkova.
Memoir Prose of Vsevolod Ivanov

298 - 317

Elmira K. Alexandrova.
Lithuanian Folk Songs in V. Ivanov’s Translation

318 - 343
Ludmilla V. Evdokimova.
The Sestina of Arnaut Daniel in the Mirror of Philological Researchers and Critical Editions
344 - 365
Evgenia V. Ivanova, Yakov D. Chechnev.
How and why the “World Literature” Publishing House Was Closed (on the Materials from A.M. Gorky Archive of IWL RAS)
366 - 391
Irina A. Poplavskaya, Galina I. Kolosova, Evgenia V. Ablogina.
Slavic World in the Book Collection of Count G.A. Stroganov
392 - 407


Liudmila V. Egorova.
Romeo And Juliet: Literary Monument. Review of: Shakespeare William. Romeo And Juliet , рubl. рrep. by E.M. Lutsenko. Moscow, Ladomir, Nauka Publ., 2021. 734 р. (“Literary Monuments” Series)
408 - 417