2021 Vol. 6, №1



Literary Theory

Valery I. Tyupa
The Pivotal Narratological Category in Historical Perspective
10 - 31

Natalia N. Smirnova
On the Fragmentation in Literature

32 - 51

 World Literature

Liudmila E. Saburova
Tommaso Landolfi: in Search of a Free Genre Form
52 - 65
Ekaterina V. Kuznetsova
Reception of Henri de Regnier’s Poetry by Maximilian Voloshin and Igor Severyanin
66 - 87
Natalia V. Zakharova
Love Fiction in China in the Second Decade of the 20 th Century: from Sentiments to Duck-Lovebirds and Butterflies
88 - 103
Daniil A. Zelenin
Emblematics and a Cure for Melancholy in Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy
104 - 129

Ksenia R. Andreichuk
Notes from the Underground: Major Trends in Swedish Reception

130 - 151
Marina K. Bronich, Maria I. Baranova
The Bakhtinian Carnival in Chicano Novels by Rolando Hinojosa
152 - 169

Russian Literature

Victor M. Guminsky
History with Geography (Gogol on the Way to the Holy Land)
170 - 191
Marina D. Kuzmina
(Auto)biographic Discourse in A.S. Khomyakovʼs Epistolary
192 - 205
Svetlana P. Sorokina
Barrel Organ and Organ- Grinder in Russian Fiction of the 1840s
206 - 227
Veronika B. Zuseva-Özkan
“Female Rebellion” in Anna Barkova’s Play Nastasya Kostyor (1923)
228 - 249
Oleg S. Gorelov
Odarchenko’s Poems: Interactions of Surrealism, Surrealist Code, and Sentimentalism
250 - 265
Alexander A. Panchenko
The “Kirghiz Fairy Tale” in The Gift: Nabokov, Folklore, and Orientalism
266 - 299
Gao Yu
Daniil Kharms in China
300 - 319

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Elizaveta E. Baldanmaksarova
The Early Stage of Buryat-Mongol Literature
320 - 337
Maria V. Kazakova
Bilingual Worldview in the Poetry of Oleg Mišin – Armas Hiiri: The Study of Self-Translation
338 - 353

Folklore Studies


Marina V. Frolova
Pocong: Contemporary Zombie Stories in Indonesia

354 - 369

Textology. Materials

Sergey A. Stepantsov
Alcaeus fr. 140.9 Voigt: the Unsolved Problem of the Text
370 - 381
Lev A. Trakhtenberg
O. Goldsmith’s Oriental Parable in the Magazine Ni To Ni Sio (Neither This Nor That)
382 - 395
Elena A. Andrushchenko
On the Origins of the Preface to the Second Volume of Dmitry Merezhkovsky’s Book L. Tolstoy and Dostoevsky
396 - 413



Sergei M. Fomin
Insights of Blaise Pascal (about the Book “France and Russia: around Blaise Pascal”)

414 - 425