2018 Vol. 3, №1


Literary Theory

Sergey N. Zenkin The Model and the Masterpiece (Balzac and his followers)  10

World Literature

Liubov V. Goriaeva On the Image of Calif Ali in Malay Narrative Tradition  58
Liudmila V. Evdokimova Reexamining Two Mythological Ballads from Christine de Pizan’s Cent Balades  68
Tatiana V. Govenko Postmodernist Techniques and Grown-Up Themes in the Juvenile Novel Learning to Scream (2009) by Beate T. Hanike  88
Elena V. Astashchenko Religious Dimension of German “Unending Book” in the Children’s Fantasy by Cornelia Funke  102

Russian Literature

Vladimir M. Kirillin Sacred Land –Roman Empire – Byzantium — Rus’: The Concept of Heredity in Old Russian Literature  118
Giorgia Rimondi Musical Outlook in Alexey Losev’s Novel The Woman-Thinker 140
  To the 150 th anniversary of Maxim Gorky  
Serge Rolet How the french discovered the Lower depths 154
Marie-Christine Autant-Mathieu Gorki et le Théâtre d’Art de Moscou: des affinités sélectives 178
Leonid Heller Universelle russité: Les Bas-fonds, ou Gorki revu par Zamiatine revu par Renoir 196
Lydia A. Spiridonova. Gorky’s Work and the Rise of Social Realism 212
Olga A. Ovcharenko М. Gorky as a Theoretician of Literature 234
Svetlana M. Demkina The Lower Depths on the German Stage 252
Marina A. Arias-Vikhil The Lower Depths in Italy:
the 1926 Performance Directed by Tatyana Pavlova

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Stanislav K. Rosovetsky Epic Specificity of Ukrainian Folk Dumas 282

Folklore Studies

Tatyana A. Agapkina The Flight to Egypt in Slavic Etiological Legends about the Trees 302
Alexey L. Nalepin Folklore Collection in the Archive of Evgeny Platonovitch Ivanov Held by the IWL RAS Manuscript Department 318

Textology. Materials

Angelica I. Dormidontova New Admissions to the K.G. Paustovsky Moscow Literary Museum-Center  332


Liudmila P. Yakimova

From The Memoir of An Academic Lady. About the All-Union Academic Conference in Tashkent, 1975 (introduction by Elena A. Papkova)