2018 Vol. 3, №1


Literary Theory

Sergey N. Zenkin The Model and the Masterpiece (Balzac and his followers)  10-57

World Literature

Liubov V. Goriaeva On the Image of Calif Ali in Malay Narrative Tradition  58-67
Liudmila V. Evdokimova Reexamining Two Mythological Ballads from Christine de Pizan’s Cent Balades  68-87
Tatiana V. Govenko Postmodernist Techniques and Grown-Up Themes in the Juvenile Novel Learning to Scream (2009) by Beate T. Hanike  88-101
Elena V. Astashchenko Religious Dimension of German “Unending Book” in the Children’s Fantasy by Cornelia Funke  102-117

Russian Literature

Vladimir M. Kirillin Sacred Land –Roman Empire – Byzantium — Rus’: The Concept of Heredity in Old Russian Literature 118-139
Giorgia Rimondi Musical Outlook in Alexey Losev’s Novel The Woman-Thinker 140-153
  To the 150 th anniversary of Maxim Gorky  
Serge Rolet How the french discovered the Lower depths 154-177
Marie-Christine Autant-Mathieu Gorki et le Théâtre d’Art de Moscou: des affinités sélectives 178-195
Leonid Heller U

niversal russianness, or Gorky’s the Lower depths interpreted by Zamyatin interpreted by Renoir

Lydia A. Spiridonova. Gorky’s Work and the Rise of Social Realism 212-233
Olga A. Ovcharenko М. Gorky as a Theoretician of Literature 234-251
Svetlana M. Demkina The Lower Depths on the German Stage 252-265
Marina A. Arias-Vikhil The Lower Depths in Italy: the 1926 Performance Directed by Tatyana Pavlova 266-281

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Stanislav K. Rosovetsky Epic Specificity of Ukrainian Folk Dumas 282-301

Folklore Studies

Tatyana A. Agapkina The Flight to Egypt in Slavic Etiological Legends about the Trees 302-317
Alexey L. Nalepin Folklore Collection in the Archive of Evgeny Platonovitch Ivanov Held by the IWL RAS Manuscript Department 318-331

Textology. Materials

Angelica I. Dormidontova New Admissions to the K.G. Paustovsky Moscow Literary Museum-Center 332-343


Liudmila P. Yakimova

From The Memoir of An Academic Lady. About the All-Union Academic Conference in Tashkent, 1975 (introduction by Elena A. Papkova)