2017 Vol. 2, №4


Literary Theory

Irina K. Staf   Allegory, Poetrie, Rhetoric: On the Notion of Poetic Fiction in France at the End of the 15 th Century  10
Alexey N. Belarev  The Face of the Other in Emmanuel Levinas and Alexey Uhktomsky  30

World Literature

Alexander B. Kudelin  The Forms of Prosaic Speech in Al-sīra by Ibn Ishāq — Ibn Hishām  44
Ekaterina N. Vasilyeva  De L’esprit Des Lois et Le Débat Autour du Despotisme en Russie  64
Julietta L. Chavchanidze  Rahel Vaenhagen and the Culture of Her Time  82
Kirill A. Chekalov, Natalya T. Pakhsaryan  The Structure of the Fantômas Novel Series by Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain and the Problem of Seriality in Popular Literature  114
Vera V. Kotelevskaya  Adult and His Other: Conceptualization of the Childhood in the Austrian Modernist Fiction (On the Example of R.M. Rilke)  134
Eugenyia M. Butenina  Chekhov’s Ethical Heritage in the Contemporary American Medical Humanities  146
Nina D. Lyakhovskaya  Shadow of Imana: Travels in the Heart of Rwanda by Véronique Tadjo as the First Travelogue in the Francophone African Literatures  156

Russian Literature

Marianna V. Kaplun  Оn a Poem by Johann Gottfried Gregory  170
Igor A. Vinogradov  Gogol and the Western Slavophilia in Critical Perspective  182
Alexander V. Markov  Akhmatova’s “Leonaderschi”: A Commentary on the Pictorial Reality  208
Ekaterina A. Esenina  The Prose of Anastasia I. Tsvetaeva: Autobiographical Mythmaking  218
Elena A. Papkova  Re-reading Vsevolod Ivanov’s Story “The Armored Train 14-69” Against Siberian Periodicals (1919): The historical comment of the Russian allies in the Civil War  230
Galina N. Vorontsova  The Image of Nestor Makhno in the Pages of Alexey N. Tostoy’s Trilogy The Road to Calvary: Documents and Materials  250

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Elizaveta E. Baldanmaksarova  “The Testament” of XII Pandito Hambo-Lama Dashidorzhi Ithegelov in the Context of Buddhist Philosophy  270

 Folklore Studies

Natalya V. Zakharova, Vladimir L. Klyaus, Liudmila P. Makhova  Chinese Prayer Chant to the Goddess of Fertility  290
Alexander V. Pigin  A Narrative about a “Resurrected Woman” in the Reception of D.V. Batov, an Old Believer of Tula  326
Ekaterina A. Dorokhova, Olga A. Pashina  Russian Folk Culture in the 20 th Century: Oral Evidence of the Villagers (On the Materials of Folklore Expeditions)  340
Еlena S. Kotlyar  The Plot and Its Modifications in the Temporal and Generic “Space”  362

Textology. Materials

Olga V. Bystrova  Gorky’s Editorial Project The History of the Civil War: On the Materials of the A.M. Gorky (IWL RAS) and RGASPI Archives  378

Academic Life

Zoya S. Zakruzhnaya  Academic Bunin. Textological Issues in the Course of Preparing a Collection of Works  394