2017 Vol. 2, №4


Literary Theory

Irina K. Staf   Allegory, Poetrie, Rhetoric: On the Notion of Poetic Fiction in France at the End of the 15 th Century 10-29
Alexey N. Belarev  The Face of the Other in Emmanuel Levinas and Alexey Uhktomsky 30-43

World Literature

Alexander B. Kudelin  The Forms of Prosaic Speech in Al-sīra by Ibn Ishāq — Ibn Hishām 44-63
Ekaterina N. Vasilyeva  De L’esprit Des Lois et Le Débat Autour du Despotisme en Russie 64-81
Julietta L. Chavchanidze  Rahel Vaenhagen and the Culture of Her Time 82-113
Kirill A. Chekalov, Natalya T. Pakhsaryan  The Structure of the Fantômas Novel Series by Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain and the Problem of Seriality in Popular Literature 114-133
Vera V. Kotelevskaya  Adult and His Other: Conceptualization of the Childhood in the Austrian Modernist Fiction (On the Example of R.M. Rilke) 134-145
Eugenyia M. Butenina  Chekhov’s Ethical Heritage in the Contemporary American Medical Humanities 146-155
Nina D. Lyakhovskaya  Shadow of Imana: Travels in the Heart of Rwanda by Véronique Tadjo as the First Travelogue in the Francophone African Literatures 156-169

Russian Literature

Marianna V. Kaplun  Оn a Poem by Johann Gottfried Gregory 170-181
Igor A. Vinogradov  Gogol and the Western Slavophilia in Critical Perspective 182-207
Alexander V. Markov  Akhmatova’s “Leonaderschi”: A Commentary on the Pictorial Reality 208-217
Ekaterina A. Esenina  The Prose of Anastasia I. Tsvetaeva: Autobiographical Mythmaking 218-229
Elena A. Papkova  Re-reading Vsevolod Ivanov’s Story “The Armored Train 14-69” Against Siberian Periodicals (1919): The historical comment of the Russian allies in the Civil War 230-249
Galina N. Vorontsova  The Image of Nestor Makhno in the Pages of Alexey N. Tostoy’s Trilogy The Road to Calvary: Documents and Materials 250-269

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Elizaveta E. Baldanmaksarova  “The Testament” of XII Pandito Hambo-Lama Dashidorzhi Ithegelov in the Context of Buddhist Philosophy 270-289

 Folklore Studies

Natalya V. Zakharova, Vladimir L. Klyaus, Liudmila P. Makhova  Chinese Prayer Chant to the Goddess of Fertility 290-325
Alexander V. Pigin  A Narrative about a “Resurrected Woman” in the Reception of D.V. Batov, an Old Believer of Tula 326-339
Ekaterina A. Dorokhova, Olga A. Pashina  Russian Folk Culture in the 20 th Century: Oral Evidence of the Villagers (On the Materials of Folklore Expeditions) 340-361
Еlena S. Kotlyar  The Plot and Its Modifications in the Temporal and Generic “Space” 362-377

Textology. Materials

Olga V. Bystrova  Gorky’s Editorial Project The History of the Civil War: On the Materials of the A.M. Gorky (IWL RAS) and RGASPI Archives 378-393

Academic Life

Zoya S. Zakruzhnaya  Academic Bunin. Textological Issues in the Course of Preparing a Collection of Works 394-404