DSc in Philology

Director of Research, Head of the Manuscripts Department, Deputy Director of IWL RAS.


Education: graduated from the Philology Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1981


PhD thesis:

Post Avant Garde in Russian Fiction of the 1920s–1930s (Genesis,  Poetics) (1993)

DSc (Habil.) thesis:

Regional-Historical Approach in Nikolay Antsyferov’s Literary Studies and in Russian Literature, 1920s – 1930s (Interrelation of Regional Studies and Literature) (2011)

Research interests: history of Russian literature, literary theory, textology, sources of twentieth-century Russian literature, poetics of Russian avant-garde and post avant-garde, history of literary criticism, institutional aspects of archive work, archive work, museum studies.

Academic publications — over 140 publications, including 1 monograph.

Selected publications


N.P. Antsyferov and Local Scenes Writing in Russian Literature, 1920s-1830s.: On the History of Interrelation of Regional Studies and Literature. Moscow: A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature Publ., 2010. In Russ.

Edited works

  • Antsyferov N. P. Problems of Urbanism in Russian Fictional Literature. Modelling the Image of the City – Dostoevsky’s Petersburg – on the Analysis of Literary Traditions. Edited by Darya S. Moskovskaya, introduction. Moscow: A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature Press, 2009. In Russ.
  • Zolotaryov А.А. Campo Santo of my Memory: Memoir. Fiction. Poems. Essays. Philosophical Works. Opinions of Contemporaries. Edited by Darya S. Moskovskaya. Introduction by D.S. Moskovskaya and V.E. Halizev. St. Petersburg: ROSTOK Publ., 2016. In Russ.



Selected Essays

  • “Author's Strategies of Legitimizing Fiction in Russian literature of 1920–1940's.” People and Texts. Historical Annual. Issue 10. Moscow: IVI RAS Press, 2017. 366–395. In Russ.
  • “‘I have found in life what I was looking for”: Destiny and Heritage of Nikolay Antsiferov.” Мir Russkogo Slova. 2017, no 2. P. 52–58. In Russ.
  • “Vsevolod Ivanov through the Eyes of Foreign Critics.” Vestnik slavyanskikh kul’tur. 2017, vol. 45. P. 135–146. In Russ.
  • “The Problems of Urbanism in the Literary-Historical Process of the 1930s: Antsyferov and Zolotarev in the Publishing Project ‘History of Russian Towns as the History of Russian Everyday Life.’ (On IWL RAS Archival Materials).” Studia Litterarum. 2016, vol. 1, no 1. P. 286–302. In Russ.
  • “Nikolay Antsyferov’s Heritage and the Aims of Contemporary Guides to Literary Museums” in Dialog so vremenev: Annual. Мoscow, 2015. Issue 52. P. 243–255. (co-authored with N.V. Kornienko). In Russ.
  • “Fyodorov and Antsiferov: the Continuity of Ideas.” Literaturovedchesky Jurnal. 2011, no 29. P. 148–169. In Russ.
  • “On the Problem of Value Position of Leonid Dobychin - the Author of The City NN. Vestnik slavyanskikh kul’tur. 2011, vol. 22, no P. 81–86. In Russ.
  • “Nikolay Pavlovitch Antsyferov: New Materials to Biobibliography.” Russkaya Literatura. 2009, no 4. P. 192–206. In Russ.