Ольга Александровна Туфанова

DSc in Philology

Leading Research Fellow

Department of Old Russian literature, IWL RAS

Education: graduated from the Philology Department of the Moscow Pedagogical State University cum laude (1994)

PhD thesis: The Death of Faith in the Work of Protopope Avvacum: Major Tragic Motifs, Symbols and Images (2006)

DSc thesis: Old Russian Written Monuments on the Time of Troubles as an Artistic Phenomenon (2020)

Research interests: poetics and hermeneutics of Old Russian literature, poetics and hermeneutics of Russian literature of the Troubled Times, comparative studies, the work of protopope Avvacum

Professional service

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the journal Studia Litterarum

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the journal Vestnik slavianskikh kul’tur

01.09.2007 – 01.02.2016 — Head of the Editorial office of the State Academy of Slavic Culture



Medal of the international recognition “60 years anniversary of the United Nations,” “Deeds for good of nations” (24.05.2009)

Academic publications — over 55 publications, including a monograph.

Selected publications


Тhe Work of Protopope Avvacum: The Poetics of the Tragic. Мoscow: Sputnik +, 2007. In Russ.

Edited Collections

  • The Hermeneutics of Old Russian Literature. 15. A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature; Society of Old Russia Researchers. Moscow: Manuscripts of Old Russia Publ., 2010. In Russ.
  • Writer in the Context of His Time: The Problem of Scholarly Commentary. Coedited with Vladimir I. Melnik. Moscow: Gask , 2011. In Russ.
  • Problems of Cultural Studies. Co-edited with Irina G. Strahovskaya. Moscow: GASK Publ., 2010. Issue IX. In Russ.

Selected Essays

  • “The ‘Villains’ and the ‘Good People’ in a Pskov Chronicle. On the Tumult and Internecine War and Retreat of the Pskov People from Moscow State. The New Philological Bulletin. 2017, vol. 43, no 4. P. 59–69. In Russ.
  • “‘Going to the throne’: Moscow as a Symbol of Political Attraction in the so called Other Narrative. Vestnik slavianskikh kul’tur. 2016, vol. 40, no 2. P. 193–202. In Russ.
  • “Representation of Сities and Localities in the Other Narrative.” Vestnik slavianskikh kul’tur. 2015, vol. 37, no 3. P. 144–154. In Russ.
  • Depiction of 1601–1603 famine years in Russian and foreign sources about the Time of Troubles. Vestnik slavianskikh kul’tur. 2012, vol. 24, no 2. P. 77–83. In Russ.
  • Semantics and Peculiarities of “Wolves” – “Sheep” Metaphor Use in the So-called “The Other Legend”. Vestnik slavianskikh kul’tur. 2011, vol. 19, no 1. P. 75–81. In Russ.
  • “The bloodthirsty lion” Grishka Otrepyev. Vestnik slavianskikh kul’tur. 2009, vol. 11, no 1. P. 89–103. In Russ.
  • “Interpretation of the Plot of Adam and Eve in The Story about how Boris Godunov Stole a Throne by Deceit. Filologicheskie nauki. 2009, no 3. P. 94–102. In Russ.
  • “The Symbol of ‘Inorog’ in Vremennik by Ivan Timofeev.” Old Russia. 2008, no 2. P. 118–128. In Russ.
  • “The Martyrs in the Works by Protopope Avvacum.” Philologicheskie nauki. 2006, no 2. P. 101–109. In Russ.


Associate Professor at the Department of Philology and Slavic Philology at the Russian State University (Technologies. Design. Art), Institute of Slavic Culture (2006–2017).

Lecture courses: “History of Old Russian Literature,” “Poetics of Old Russian Literature,” “Russian Folklore.” Seminars: “Editorial Practice: Basic Course,” “References.” Supervision of term papers and diplomas.